Broad-Scale Monitoring

Broader-scale Monitoring Workshop Outcomes

We conducted four workshops across the USFS Southwester Region (Region 3) and the USFS Rocky Mountain Region (Region 2) to capture thoughts from USFS management and research staff, and partners on broader-scale monitoring questions, indicators, and datasets.

Additional Broader-scale Monitoring Information

Broader-Scale Monitoring Strategy Project: Report on Interview Findings and First-Year Activities 2015

Inventory, Monitoring and Assessment Strategy Summary

Inventory, Monitoring and Assessment Partner Overview


Project Contacts

Amy Waltz
Project Director
Ecological Restoration Institute
(928) 523-8991

Jamie Barbour
Inventory,Monitoring and Assessment
US Forest Service
(503) 708-9138

Bob Davis
Planning Director, Region 3
US Forest Service
(505) 842-3210